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Akoma Mór strive to break the norms of how fashion is produced in Ireland by sourcing and producing in West Africa to empower small-scale businesses, provide fair wages, employment and improved livelihoods.

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A Business with Ambition.

We are not your typical perfect clothing brand. Our clothes are 100% hand-made. Therefore, we accept that our garments may have print and colour imperfections due to the nature of the production. We don’t recognise these as defects but rather adds to the uniqueness. Life is too short to wear boring clothes. We want to create clothes with a meaning. Every single purchase gives back to the community by helping the locals to develop and grow their businesses.

Dress yourself with clothes that have a meaning, a story, a purpose and make a real difference.

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Social, Ethical & Sustainable Practices

Firstly, our textiles are made from natural fibers, which is 100% cotton. Our brand follows a 'zero-waste' culture whereby, all left over pieces and scraps of fabric are upcycled to make hair accessories, bags and patchwork. There is no room for waste.